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Personalizing CMS 1500 Claim Forms

Personalizing your CMS 1500 Claim Forms

Prevents rejections due to typographical errors

Entering the same information each time on a claim form increases the chances of a typographical error on the claim and a rejection - delaying payment to you. Preprinting the repeating information on your claims prevents this.

Reduces your (or staff) time completing claims

Your time is most valuable seeing patients - not filling out claim forms. Preprinting saves you billable time and saves your staff time to do other office tasks.

We preprint as much information on the form as you want, at one all-inclusive price

We can include NPI numbers, procedure codes, EIN and any other information you want - including your signature.

Personalization costs less than you think

On average it costs about 3 cents more per claim form to personalize your form.

Click HERE to go to the CMS 1500 Personalization site